The World is your Mountain



Photo Credit: Daniel Michalchuk


Born at a grand elevation of 239m above sea-level in the French quarter of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Stephen quickly found his love for skiing in ditches in the Prairies. In the early 2000's, a few annual family ski trips to the Canadian Rockies and BC Interior sealed the deal for his future; Stephen walked the stage at his high school convocation one day and sped West the next. Soon thereafter, studies at the University of Calgary exposed him to the science of earth processes and orogenesis - Geology. Hiking mountains and examining rocks was a profession? Sign him up!

In the meantime, Stephen's childhood and formidable years were well-documented by his parents whom were avid amateur photogs themselves. So when he was given an old Nikon EM, he relished the opportunity and shot roll after roll... until he fell while carrying it on a school ski trip to the Purcells.

Present day, there is no shortage of adventure to be had in the Canadian Rockies, independent of seasons. Weather conditions play the most significant role in determining the objective, but you can be sure that Stephen is likely getting after it, whatever "it" may be.


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